Founder and Private Chef

Amy Kayne

Private Chef Amy Kayne Portland Maine

I’m Amy Kayne, founder and head Private Chef at 2Gether. I’m so very fortunate to have been raised around two amazing food cultures, Lebanese and Italian. Not surprisingly I’ve always had a passion for food. Over the past five years, I’ve fully embraced this love and taken it to the next level by starting my private chef business. With over 120 hours of apprenticing at Hugo’s, constant reading, research, and testing recipes in my own kitchen, and building an amazing team of other talented private chefs, there could not be a better time to cook for you.


As the business has grown, so has the 2Gether Team. You may also come in contact with the 2Gether Business Manager, Jen who runs all the ins and outs of the business as well as coordinates and handles our large events. We are lucky to have some of the most amazing private chefs around who have all been through a “foodterview” to ensure that each client gets the chef perfect for their event and cuisine preference. Even though all the chefs have their own menus they all have a Middle Eastern flare and can work off any other chefs menu. At 2Gether Private Chefs, we thrive on nourishing and enriching lives by helping others embrace food that you eat. Our goal is to entertain you with knowledge or the freedom to enjoy our creations at a whole new level.