Choose from the below options now available with your vacation rental.


Stocked fridge and pantry

Arrive to your vacation rental to find a fridge and pantry stocked full of fresh foods from Whole Foods and Free Range Fish Market. Choose the food you want from a list of fresh, seasonal provisions. Food is delivered to your vacation rental and put away before you even arrive. $225 + the cost of food. Click here to learn more.

Prepared meals for your stay

Enjoy the convenience of already prepared snacks, lunches and dinners ready to eat when
you are. Choose from a full list of menu options which highlight the best seasonal Maine ingredients. All prepared meals come with easy to follow heating/cooking instructions. As low as $175 + the cost of food. Click here to learn more.

Private Chef

Entertain guests during your vacation stay
with your own private chef in the kitchen. Host a cocktail party or a 3-5 course dinner custom designed just for you and your guests. We also offer cooking class parties. Learn something new in the kitchen and eat well too. Call today to get your quote