Rachel- Portland, ME - My husband was eating the meal tonight and his words were "man, she is the real deal".  Every little thing with the salad was perfect and artful.  You are a truly talented chef.  We are so grateful and so lucky to have you cooking for us. Everything has been so tasty and having healthy ready to go meals without the planning, shopping or prep so much of the week has given us our FUN back as a family. I thought I was just doing a post hospitalization treat to myself, but I am totally hooked on your delicious meals.  

Lynne- Philadelphia, PA:  Thank you very much for all of your help stocking our rental home for our vacation!  Thank you for your close attention to our dietary needs and the brands that we needed.  I really appreciated this idea of pre-stocking for us and would love to be able to do it again next year. 

Sarah- Washington, DC: I highly recommend Amy. She made delicious food, the timing was perfect, her attitude was so positive and her presentation was excellent. We will book her for our graduation party next Spring for our son at Bowdoin.

Quinn (age 9)- Portland, ME:  “Why does it taste so much better than store bought hummus? “

Cheryl: Ellington, CT: We could not be happier with Amy and her staff. She did three meals for us. Very professional and easy to work with. The food was excellent and we would recommend her to anyone. 1st was a steak dinner, 2nd was a clam bake and the last night we had an assortment of appetizers.

Jennie - New York, NY:    Just wanted to let you know how much we ALL love you! And enjoyed your food!  It was the absolute perfect and most delicious meal.  We had the leftovers today and it was still amazing.  We spent a long time discussing how nice and amazing you are in addition to your cooking!!!!!!!

Michael - Beverly Hills, CA:  I wanted to thank you for all of your work catering my grandmother's birthday party at our rental house this weekend.  You and your team were fantastic.  The food was amazing, and the service was great- very professional and also very friendly and personable.  All of our family and friends were very impressed and highly complimentary.  We had a lot of great meals in Maine this past week, but everyone agreed that yours was the best.  We will definitely work with you again on future events, and will also refer you to other friends. Thanks again.  

Sandra- Cape Elizabeth, ME: We loved our meals last week- They were outstanding!  Everyone raved about the food so Thx very much for making the vacation so easy for me.  I'll def gather some friends together to do a cooking thing with you this fall!

Meghan - Yarmouth, ME: I was truly impressed with Amy's creative food and her interaction with our guests! Everyone loved her food and her! She changed some of the ingredients because of allergies of the guests right on the spot! The food was fabulous and I will definitely be using her again!!

Amy - Scarborough, ME: I hosted a party with my good friends. Chef Amy shared techniques and recipes with us while we watched her prepare delicious food!  I have been to a variety of parties and events where Amy has been the Chef. Entrees, tapas, small bites, ....everything she prepares  is outstanding. She is professional, prepared, and fun! I highly recommend Chef Amy!

Julia - Scarborough, ME: Amy Kayne did a cooking party for me and 10 of my girlfriends. She was professional, fun, engaging and most importantly her food was amazing! She started the party with an amuse bouche of seasonal multicolored carrots that all the guests were raving about. And her hummus is the best I've ever had. Her Lebanese background really shines through with this dish. It's simple and she can teach anyone how to make it but tastes complex with many layers of flavor. On the day of the party I hosted the only thing I had to do was get my house ready for guests and chef Kayne did everything else. I was folding my laundry right before guests were arriving.

Donna - Scarborough, ME: We highly recommend Amy Kayne and 2gether we cook. Amy has cooked for us 3 times so far. Once, in our home for our family's week of meals; a second time, she helped us out when we had several friends visiting for a weekend; and finally, we gifted Amy's premade meals to a friend in need. The food was delicious and nourishing. Amy is incredibly easy to work with and was very responsive and flexible with our specific needs. I'm a working mother of 2 young children and am grateful to know I can call on her when I do not have the time and energy to cook. We definitely will work with her again in the future and would recommend her to friends and family.

Leahanne - Falmouth, ME: Amy makes cooking fun and engaging. Her presentation is impressive and her food is impeccable and delicious. She has recreated Lebanese flavors my mom made me growing up!

Jenny - Scarborough, ME: I loved attending Amy’s cooking party! I thought I knew what I was doing in the kitchen, but I walked away with so many new ideas - even tips down to zesting a lemon properly! Amy was so accommodating to my request for vegetarian food... her tempeh substitute for ground turkey was not only creative, it was delicious!

Bethany - Scarborough, ME: Amy is professional, inspiring and makes her amazing dishes look like something from a magazine. She is creative with her cooking; always coming up with varieties of entrees. She is an amazing teacher. Her demeanor & smile make you want to be around her & motivates you to go after things that you are passionate about.

Sarah - Portland, ME: We have had the pleasure of enjoying Chef Amy's food on many occasions. She always surprises us with a diverse range of types of food, from Mexican to Mediterranean, from meaty goodness to gluten-free to vegetarian, and everything in between! Three things remain constant in all her meals, though: they are packed with flavor, they feel well balanced, and they are made with love.